About Us

Minnesota Need Doctors is brought to you by the coalition of teaching hospitals in Minnesota called the Metro Minnesota Council on Graduate Medical Education (MMCGME).

MMCGME works to strengthen collaboration between teaching hospitals through development of medical curricula, building state of the art information systems and promoting member organizations’ teaching programs. Each year, we teach hundreds of future doctors in our facilities and work to place them in clinics and hospitals across the state.


The Association of American Medical Colleges is predicting doctor shortages across the country. If you want more information about the issue on a national level, please visit the American Medical Association's website

Children's Hospitals Graduate Medical Education (CHGME) is also anticipating pediatrician shortages across the United States in the coming years. Help support their work training at nearly 60 independent children’s teaching hospitals across the country on their website,

You can learn more about the services provided by MMCGME here.